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About Twink Hunt

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The story starts when I was sitting in at Hotmale Beer Bar in Bangkok, Thailand with an American friend. He was telling me how, for the last 15 years he has regularly filmed his sexual encounters. It was a vivid and raunchy conversation and I was truly fascinated. He was clear they were only for his own enjoyment and has never let anyone else see them, however it spared an idea in my head.

Much like my friend I am always on the road. I have been travelling full time for the last 4 years working as I go. Wherever I end up going, whichever country I end up in I will always end up with twinks in my company. Whether it’s a paid encounter in Bangkok or a drunken hook-up in Phnom Penh, suffice to say I get around and I see many twink. It’s worth noting that these are never really planned and usually spur of the moment.

I decided that I should spend some of my spare time documenting some of my perverted travels with others, although at this stage I don’t really know where this little project will end up going. At this point I am simply playing around to see what will happen.

While I embarked on this project anonymously and at this point in time it will likely stay that way, don’t let that put you off. You could be me. You may decide to be like me, do what I do and go where I go. For sure I will write a lot about the best places to find hot twinks around the world that you can have fun with.

One request I do have is if you do enjoy my work here, if I have provided you with invaluable information, then help me out. Buy me a beer, because all this travelling around is sure expensive.

I will update this page as Twink Hunt takes shape, but for now, wish me luck hunting for twinks!

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