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Playing With A Hot Latino Boy In Madrid

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I only had a 3 night stay in Madrid, which just so happened to be my first city stop on the adventure which is TwinkHunt. I was initially concerned that I might not find a hot twink to play with. I scrolled my way through Grindr for a whole day with little luck. I was thinking that all hope was lost. It was that evening I came across Pablo. A Peruvian born Spanish boy with enough English to be able to communicate effectively, I was surely onto a winner. He sent me some photos and he was hot, and interested.

The next day he turned up and to use a term that is often over-used, his photos did him no justice. He was simply beautiful with a smile that could melt hearts. We had a quick chat before getting down the business. He told me about himself. He’s 20 years old and a student. A real bottom boy and fantasises about getting fucked by older married men. It was a filthy conversation; however I wanted to get him naked. I got him on the bed and had him strip off his clothes. What a body this boy has. Smooth and tanned, totally beautiful. He stared to rub his thick uncut dick. Not overly long but it had a good juicy girth to it. He wanted some help so I pulled out the lube and smothered his hole. I began to rub his tight little boy hole with my index finger. He liked it. I put a finger inside and boy he was tight. I don’t think I could have gotten a second finger up there very easily. It was so hot because every time I put my finger in a bit further he whimpered and moaned. I was getting hard in my pants! This boy was amazing.

He was jacking off hard and I couldn’t resist putting my dick in his mouth. He sucked me and started to pre-cum on himself. This was a good sign it wasn’t going to be long before he shot his load. I got myself into a good position to film his dick drip with warm twink cum and just in time to! His white creamy cum against his soft tanned skin was hot as hell.

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